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Has anyone smoked sausage at low temps such as kielbasa in a Smokette. If so were the results good. I have some recipes for Kielbasa and kabanasy and need to start out smoking low. In my current smoker it would be hard to maintain that low of a temp. My other concern is that a Smokette might not be large enough to hang sausage. Any advice would be appreciated.
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IMHO. here's an option you may consider. Assuming that you are not using smoke as a preservative and cooking and smoking can be two separate functions. A heat source to cook the meat, smoking as a flavor and color.
You can poach your raw sausages in sub-boiling water until they float or reach an internal temperature of 160 or more (I like 170), Then, dry them off and place in smoke until you get the desired flavor/color. Hanging home-made sausage is strictly personal preferance. Lay them down, anyway just to get the smoke to them.

My 2

Another variation to Joe's method would be to smoke to an internal temp of 145-148. Then place the sausage in 170 degree F. water until the internal rises to finished temp. of 152- 155 degrees F.

But there is nothing wrong with smoking until the internal 152- 155 degrees.

Just remember to take the temp up slowly. The method that works for me (on cured sausages.) is as follows:

T-stat @ 100 for 1 hr w/ door cracked & no wood.

T-stat @ 100 for 1 hr w/ door shut & wood added.

T-stat @ 125 for 1 hr w/ door shut.

T-stat @ 150 for 1 hr w/ door shut.

T-stat @ 170 until internal reaches 152- 155 (or the 145- 148 when you'd take out and place in the 170 degree water.)

Once finished soak/ rinse in ice water to rapidly cool off and prevent shriveling. Then hang until sausages come to room temp. This is called blooming. Blooming lets the sausage take on a richer color.
Hi all,
I'm trying my third venture with the new 55 this weekend, summer sausage (eastman outdoors kit). I bought an electric grinder today from Basspro to kick this project off - wife is beginning to question my frequent spending spree's.

I ended up grinding up 10 Ibs of pork. Would I have been better off going with some type of blend? Too late now, I have 5 stuffed logs curing in the fridge.

When I go to fire them up tomorrow, do I just tie them to the top rack? I plan to use GeiyserQ's timing method. Do I stick the temp probe in the smallest sausage? So many questions ... I guess I'm just gonna go for it and see what happens


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