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Recently there was a thread that talked about smoking steaks and hamburgers prior to grilling.

I tried it today and the results were fantastic.
You can't smell the smoke in the pictures but the color is even better than when you just throw some steaks on the grill.

These were done with no rubs. Mesquite smoke only, about 45 minutes in the smoker (SMO45)
a small handful of mesquite chips in foil and smoker on at 225 until anout 130 degrees obtained- (about 15 min)really good smoke. Shut off smoker for about 15 min until smoke started to dwindle, then on again for 15 min. Final smoker temp reached about 150 degrees.

Removed the steaks and grilled. Really amaxed at the caramel coloring they obtained. Delicious mesquite flavor, but not overpowering. Everyone loved them.


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