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Smoque is a joint in Chicago I saw featured on FoodTV last night. Diners, drive-ins and dives.

Anyone know or have an idea on the full recipe for their rub? From a show on TV last night I got

brown sugar
lemon pepper
citric acid
kosher salt

but I know there are 13 ingredients...
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Before I searched too deep,you might want to search some bbq forums,or google the place,and find opinions about the quality of the product.

Scottie and drbbq,the two major bbq cooks in history, from the Chicago area ,are both members of this forum,widely known in the area,and cook on FEC s.

Just a thought.

The same program covered the "world famous" bbq from a place near Graceland,in Memphis.

No bbq folks had ever heard of it,but the critics/folks with opinions, commented they come to your motel,or trailer park,for a free pickup in a pink cadillac.

This is TV Roll Eyes

Just another thought.
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