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I hope this is allowed, but after reading a post by MaxQue on Snake River Farms, I did some searching. I have wanted a source for reasonably priced (relative term!) Waygu (Kobe style) beef and Kurobuta pork to try and Max posted about Snake River Farms as a source. I found a promo code that gives a 15% discount and thought I would share. Put srfvip in the promo code at checkout and get 15% off.
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Thanks Mike...good to know.

My S.R.F. Wagyu Superbowl brisket got rave reviews. Very moist and fork tender. I sliced the flat and cubed the point. Made an au jus from the foil drippings + a can of beef consomme and ladled it over the meat just before it hit the chaffing dish. Perfect!

If you haven't tried the S.R.F. Kurabuta pork, it's a MUST. Ive used the Prime Rib of pork on many occasions and have yet to find better quality pork loin.
Originally posted by bubbasz1:
The only downside of the whole experiance is the $80.00 shipping they quoted me, I just cannot justify that expense, yet.

Yes the shipping is expensive, BUT you are shipping heavy items along with cold packs, insulated shipper, etc. Think about what you pay for a nice meal out. This is NOT a routine buy, but a treat for special occaisions. I just can't get Wagyu or Kurobuta pork or even a Tri-Tip cut around here.

Thanks Max, I have been wanting to try a Wagyu Brisket and a Tri-Tip as well as some Kurobuta Pork Bellies. Mebbe even a Wagyu tenderloin for my wife's birthday, its her favorite!

Not worth the effort, I just don't get it. I've eaten it and Wagyu is WAY over hyped. I just think the price, shipping and meat is not worth it, it's more hype.

Go for it and if you love it, then good, but I just think the whole Wagyu Brisket wasn't even discussed until it was on TV last year as part of Myron and the competitions.

IF it's basically $100 for a 20 lb, that's $5 a pd. If you then have to double that for shipping ($100 seems VERY high) you're now paying $10 a lb for brisket?

I'll buy prime filet for that price, but not brisket.

There's a lot more bbq tools and fun stuff I'll spend my money on.

Ah, for the 1960's when the butcher sold my dad prime brisket for .10 cents a pd because he didn't want to bother with chopping it up for hamburger
Originally posted by MaxQue:
... It definitely hhas a WOW factor.

my .02
If it's for comp, don't bet on it. Because it is so "different" I know a lot of judges will score it down, not up, because it tastes different.

Just another reason I'm not competing so much anymore (but I threadjack) if I have to buy wagyu to compete, then that's not brisket.

Feel free to start a new one in the comp forum.

but HEY, glad it works for you guys.
Guys! If ya'll will read my original post, the key words were "to try". I also just wanted to share something that I found that could benefit those who were interested. Also, if someone knows where to buy prime filet for $10 a #, please I would like to know. That is usually what I pay (on sale) for Choice Big Grin. I like my loin backs from SAM's Club Using Max's Trigg recipe, so I don't think I would be paying the $$ for Kurobuta ribs. I am thinking a couple of times a year for special occasions for something I can't get any other way. We don't go out very often because I can usually make it better at home, but when we do go out a nice restaurant can make the prices at SRF look pretty good Eeker.
Hey. Whether you don't want to try it. Try it for special occasions, or use it all the time. If it floats your boat, sail away.

Glad to have this subject on the table. Different opinions, techniques, recipes, druthers, viewpoints etc. broadens our horizens. Can't blame Smokin for dissing it. He can probably make shoe leather tender and tasty, so he's just trying to save us money from his perspective.

I think I'd give it a go to impress the local crowds at one of my barbecues. But that's me. If it's not better than the high grade choice I get from a nearby butcher or not worth the extra bucks and effort, then I know.

The Wagyu Flank Steak at Johnny Garlic's was definitely more tender than the other flank steaks I've had. Weigh that against buying your own and making several meals for the same price. And, yes, I got it a few months back so I'd know what others on this forum were talking about. Would I do it again. Yes. But not real soon.
Understand that there's a different between USDA Prime vs the product S.R.F. sells. They developed a crossbreed of Wagyu and Black Angus cattle. I've tasted USDA Prime Black Angus as well as genuine Japanese Kobe (Wagyu) beef. There's a distinct flavor contrast. Both Japanese Wagyu and American Kobe Style Beef has a more pronounced "beef" flavor and a "creamy" texture that's different.

USDA Prime doesn't specify a specific breed, only a higher level of marbling vs Choice (which in itself has a wide variance of marbling) American Style Kobe/Wagyu marbling is greater than USDA Prime.

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