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from Rytek Kutas: "After the sausages or products are cooled down with cold water the products are allowed to remain at room temp for drying. If you prefer to have the sausage at darker colors of brown, simply leave the sausage hang at room temp. The longer the product is allowed to hang at room temp, the darker it becomes. This is called blooming the product."
I'm certainly no authority on sausage,I'll leave that to Andi,Charlie,Stuart and Stogie, but I thought weiner making was so specialized that it was left to commercial plants.

The British Empire does make some acceptable sausages.

As far as a British Q site,I encourage them to move "American Q " to that part of Europe, if that is their intention.

As most of you that have traveled in Great Britain realize,they are not one of the great table meat producers or preparers of meats IMHO.

I mean no snub or discredit to a great nation,but as yet I have trouble taking their appoach to Q seriously.

Flame me if you must, I have broad shoulders. Smiler
Wieners are a cinch to make, Tom. Not hard at all, and my kid prefers mine to all store-bought! I even make cheesedogs, the wienies with the cheese in the middle? Ya just get some of that cheez whiz stuff and shoot `em up right down the middle! I make mine with moose trimmings (or beef stew meat), pork trimmings I get from a local store, spices, dry milk, water, and a little sugar. Smoke until 138 degrees in a 165 degree smoker...about 1-2 hours, then I steam in my big canner for a few minutes. Cool by spraying with cold water, then hang in room temp until they have bloomed to the color or a little darker than store-bought.

See? Simple! (If you have some time and are so inclined! LOL!) Razzer
BBQ Weinies from the British...

now I know I've got something to say about that concept....

but I won't Wink

I've been to the website before, just thought it was "interesting" concept. But reading a lot of the information, I've seen it in other places, including the recipes.

But hey, they're trying and isn't that important!
Andi: How long does the blooming process take? Minutes? Days?

Okie: Agreed, the material's not too original - pretty common among web sites.

I've seen this bloom concept many times before for various sausages, including I think summer, but never knew who to ask.

So thanks for the info, Andi & everybody.
TJR: Bloom is not a concept; it is an integral process in sausage making.

Depending on temp and humidity, bloom can take place anywhere from a couple of hours to as much as 8 days! You decide the bloom time. I have hung sausage until it's black! Just eyeball it...don't forget, if you did your cure and smoke properly, you won't die from it! I generally go to a nice dark brown...and remember, the smoke will give it some color, too. I make a few extra and taste as I go. This time of year, I walk around with a squeeze bottle of Guldens Spicy Brown in my pocket! Yum! Whack off a sausage and have at it! Big Grin
To get a weiner to bloom, it must be planted in moist, nutrient rich soil, and receive sufficient sunlight. Put it out during the day, and bring it in during the night. DO NOT FERTILIZE. Some people think that talking to your weiner helps them bloom, I prefer to play classical music while watering, the bottom line is that if you treat your weiner well, it will bloom many times throughout the year!
Whoever brought �p the subject of bloomin weiners must be feeling real sorry at this point, I think Andi with her hit, "I'm too sexy for my sausage" has revolutionized the hot dog. I will see if I can make in 2002 Tom. If I do, I promise to bring some of that Amazon hot sauce. The Banibas tribe that makes it swear that it is better than Viagra. Could be the biggest hit since Herbalife!

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