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ok, gearing up hopefully next weekend or sometime next week to cook my first pork butt (weather depending since I don't have a roof over my smoker yet).

the only 2 places I seem to be a little lost is choice of wood and mop.

now, as I've experienced with ribs, putting sauce on something that is going to be in a smoker 10-15-20hrs doesn't do any good, it burns off and you need to sauce it when it's done.

I've seen mentions of mops and i've used them when my charcoal smoker, but with the CS one, to keep applying a mop, I'd have to keep opening the door and that doesn't seem to make sense...

do I just add a rub and mop (if wanted) at the beginning and then more mop/sauce at the end or even just add when I pull it apart?

also, wood recommendations? I have hickory, cherry and apple.

thanks for the advice/help!
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cherry for pork.

Let it smoke.

Don't mop your first one, you want to get a reference to time and how it works just like it is.

How you work it after you pull it out will have more effect. Sauce it if you want, add some rub when you pull, etc.

If I mop, it's in the last 1/2 or last 1/4 of the smoke.

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