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This is an old topic and I have done a couple of searches but have come up empty handed so I will ask the question and at the same time request your paitence. Will the stainless steel grills from an unmamed manufacurer AKA Smokin Tex fit in a Cookshack model 55? I thought that I had read that they would fit but would like to confirm before I order any. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Roger
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RStrand, I have asked for them (and for the AQ) when talking to Tony, Karen, and Stewart in the past with no success.
I have gone to the suggestion area on the Homepage|Customer Service|Product Suggestions| and I would like to point you there, so you can also make your suggestions/requests, as well as all others that read your post/topic. I have even suggested a fold down shelf to fit the 055 or AQ (like a toolbox side shelf).
I have looked everywhere for stainless racks in the size for the 055 (and AQ) and thus far have found nothing close. I did find that the HiMountain jerky racks (bought mine at Cabela's), fit the 055 and are good for fish/seafood and vegies or of course jerky. Appear to be the same as the ones CS sells.
Hoping for stainless racks, please let us know if the BrandX racks work, I would order them in a heartbeat.
Thanks to all who replied and the answer seems to be that the grill racks are not interchangeable. I will get after the cookshack folks as well see if they might consider a retrofit stainless steel grill. Perhaps there is a good reason they do not offer one. I am not sure why a discolored grill bothers me in the first place, the finished product is terrific. I guess it might be thatI have gotten a few "looks" when people watch me load the smoker, no body says anything but I feeling they wonder why I don't clean the grills up. Roger
I have followup information on this topic. I talked with Tony in the CS service department. Turns out they do have stainless steel grills that will fit in the 008 to 055 series of smokers. They are not on the website but if you give Tony a call he can help you out. The Grills are $25.00 and change plus shipping. I ordered four of them. Thanks Tony. Roger
Just ordered 4 for the 055, (using AQ side racks for better, more efficiant spacing, would recommend for all 055 owners).
But please, help us out here CookShack...
"At your request! The Cookshack AmeriQue - the result of 45 years of barbecue equipment knowledge and manufacturing now available to you in the most advanced smoker on the market today..."

Where are the Stainless grills for this "most advanced smoker on the market today"? All we get is Brinkman/Webber quality grills, will we ever have an option for an upgrade for the AQ? Past requests have not helped thus far, really want stainless grills for the AQ. Not to mention stainless rib racks/grills would be a great compared to the hard to clean chrome rib racks/grills.
Happy New Year, Cookshack Nation. I got my stainless grills for the 055 and am very pleased with them and how they clan up. I also ordered a "short set of side racks". Two teirs deep, less to clean up. Tony was very helpful to make this happen. I used them as well for a New Years eve rib smoke. I hang my ribs from a single grill at the top so I don't need a full length of side racks. Roger

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