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Good morning everyone. I'm not sure how I should do this recipe. I don't get my PG500 for another week. God willing it will be soon. : )
I have never used a pellet grill smoker.

The Stuffed jalapeno pepper Recipe calls for 10 mins roasting. then a little broiling. It's the broiling I was not sure about. Should I just grill the normal way or turn these little guys upside down? I'm thinking if the cheese stuffing does not bind to the pepper after smoking the stuffing will fall off. Any experienced pepper griller smoker advice out there? : )

Thanks in Advance
I'm so happy the weekend is here.
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The initial roasting accomplishes two things; it blisters the skin and softens the flesh of the jalapeño. This can be done on your PG500. Roast them, turning frequently until the skins show a dark colorization. The flesh will become pliable but don't let the peppers overcook and turn mushy. Let them cool to room temp and with your fingers, slide the blistered skin away. If some skin remains; fine.

As you aren't using a broiler to finish the cooking process you'll need to alter the recipe a bit. Prepare your filling according to the recipe. Now cut a slit on one side of the pepper from top to bottom. Using a kitchen knife or spoon, remove the veins and seeds. Spoon in enough filling to fill the pepper.

To keep the filling intact during the final grilling process, I'd suggest wrapping each pepper with a slice of bacon and securing it with a toothpick. You can now grill them (I'd suggest medium heat) until the bacon is cooked. Keep turning them on the grill so as to not burn the bacon.

That should do it. Let us know how it turns out.
Originally posted by MaxQ:
That should do it. Let us know how it turns out.

Thanks Max for all the information. I had, had a problem in the past with the peppers being too hard. Looking back I think the problem was that I didn't grill them near as long as I should had.From your information they should turn out well. I picked up a few packs of dif pepper seeds. I'm running behind this year on my planting. Being in South Texas I can play catch up.

Thanks again Max

Scott in Texas

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