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Well I saw them on FoodTV the other night competing at Memphis in May. Seemed pretty good. And he may be selling something, but it says his newsletter is free, so I don't know.

There is a picture of his team standing in front of a bunch of trophies, but he may have rented them from Myron. I just didn't jump to the assumption that the guy was reselling info he had learned in a class.

If you click on the various links it seems to give you a pretty fair amount of info that is asked about here frequently, and pictures too.

Some folks don't mind giving their email address to get info, but I didn't realize that everything required an email address. I know the link to the recipe worked for me without giving an email and it had some info that has been spoken of here recently. Here it is:

Don't know them myself, but I've seen worse links posted here before. Likely will again.
I gave my email and in return got a PDF in my box showing how they do ribs, or a technique for doing ribs, as I doubt they are giving away a recipe they compete with. nothing else has shown up but you can unsubscribe if you like.

I am looking for thoughts on the Backwoods brand smokers, i love my cookshack but have also always enjoyed my little brinkman water smoker and these look like a few steps up, anyone have or seen one in use.

The link is a good one and provides information just like this forum, just not as vast.
I looked all around the site and didn't find anything for sell... just some ads. He is probably just trying to get his name out there. The team website looks like they have been around for 10 years.

Some good BBQ info - I bookmarked it because it said he was going to constantly start adding new stuff.

I really doubt he is giving away the secrets that he is winning with, though.
Well....I bit the hook, being the sucker I am Smiler Even gave them my e-mail address and they did reply with a fairly accurate PDF of pulled pork and rib prep. The other day they sent me email asking for a recipe for a contest being held by one of their sponsors...prize is a $5K Ole Hickory Pit.

It all looks innocent enough to me but if I get abducted by aliens, I'm be coming back for Todd G Smiler
There are bad folks in all things,and slick folks in all things,and good folks in some things.

I'd never fault another cook,'cause cooks will find it real fast.

Everyone should attend an MIM event,or some chili events,where you are judged on your site and team looking like Disneyworld.

Some teams spend thousands to look good.

Like Smokin' says,take a look at all things,learn from your study.

Be aware,sometimes,there are different costs to learn the lessons. Smiler

A lot of life is that way,and sometimes the prices we have paid,helps us make judgements about the next ones we may get to learn.

Old guys like Smokin',have helped me enjoy these things. Big Grin

There are a whole lot of you cooks here,that are at least as good-maybe a lot better-but maybe don't have the same P.R. budget?

Just my $0.02

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