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Went to this place for dinner last night. Saw it here for a few years and finally was in the neighborhood and felt like giving it a try. I walk in and am greeted by the owner (didn't know it at the time). I asked him if he was using an open pit or an electric and he sais electric, "wanna see?" I am delighted and eagerly follow him into the kitchen. I am not sure of the model but I immedietly recognized the design. Then I saw it...COOKSHACK top left corner. The unit was around 6 feet tall around 4 feet wide, red and black. He opened it up and I was surprised to see it empty but it was smoking away. Two smoking boxes in the bottom opposite corners and about 8 racks. It also had a control panel in the upper left outside corner. He later told me it cost him 8k. Anybody know what model? Just curious.

We ordered our food. The owner brought us a generous sample of his smoked andouille sausage. Very nice! I got a half Brisket half pulled pork sammy. I was pleasently surprised when this came served on a nice sub type roll and was half of each and not mixed like I imagined. I had asked the owner what wood he uses and he said Mesquite and applewood. I was surprised he said mesquite but both my sammy's were delicious. I also tried my buddies ribs and they were outstanding. Didn't fall of the bone and were plenty moist and flavorful. It wan an awesome evening chatting with the owner, mostly about his business and smoking meats. We also talked about his competition and what inspired him. He said he gets a lot of customers from Phils Bbq and Famous Daves. He was very polite and respectful of their reputation in our county. I told him they couldn't hold his jock strap. He just smiled and brought me another beer...on the house.

Just thought I would share a great place with a great owner so that If your ever in the neighborhood, give them a shot. Get the mac n cheese. They do something to it that I have never seen and it was quite good. I will go back someday...if I ever feel like not smoking my own dinner.
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We have had members/managers from Famous Dave's on the forum and several of us have ventured into the kitchens to sightsee.

Dave's used Cookshacks and then rib cookers that were racks closer together.Briskets had been delivered from central commissaries and finished in house.

Sounds like a 200 series CS,but that's merely a guess.
That's what they used in the old White Way near where I live.
They had two of them

The White Way was famous for their smoked Iowa pork chops
People would drive for miles and line up on Sunday to order one.
Besides the restaurant they had a thriving catering business.
They’re the reason I bought my first Cookshack
But alas the owners aged and the kids had better things to do than work in a restaurant so it closed down

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