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When I cooked both a butt, and a brisket, the meat temp goes up to about 185, holds there a while, and drops back to 182. I have read info about this in another thread. Is there a correlation as to time after the temp drops till it is done?

(I know, I know, when it is done it is done)

Maybe I am just watching the thermometer too much!
I should go open a cold one, and stop babysitting. Razzer
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It's nothing weird here. The temp drops because the meat is almost done. Btw, how do you usually cook the meat? Do you have a secret recipe?
In the last time, I count everything on a food scale digital. Because it's easier, I don't waste food, and my family eats everything from the plates. That's what I do when I cook meat too. I have to put on the scale weight the stake, not more than 200 g per person. But salad, salad as much as possible. We eat as few carbohydrates as possible, but it's usually a balance when preparing the meals.

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