Hi guys. Just bought a used Cookshack sm150. When a recipe on the Cookshack site says, " Smoke at 225 for 3 hours", should I just set the cook time for 3 hours, or should I add a little time taking into account that it takes my machine about 20 mins to reach the 225 cook temp? Thanks, great forum!
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Welcome to the forum Q_Man and congrats on getting a Cookshack!

The cook times you'll find in any recipe should only be used as a starting point and should not be taken as gospel. All smokers are different, what might take 3 hours in your smoker could take 3-1/2 to 4 in mine. The key is to cook until its done. You didn't mention what type of meat you're smoking, but most meats are smoked until a fork or probe can go through it like butter. Like SmokinOkie says "it's done when it's done"!
Trucky1008 is correct. The cook time can be effected by the configuration and characteristics of your particular smoker. There are also other factors that will have an impact. The weight, fat and collagen content, dimensions (thickness etc)and also, even within a given cut, for instance pork butt, two identical pork butts in weight and dimension might cook differently just due to the idiosyncrasies of that particular piece of meat. The best plan is to use an internal thermometer to get you in the ballpark then use the poke and probe test to assess the final doneness.

Finally, the Somkin Okie quote that Trucky gave you is some of the best advice you'll ever get. We all live by it.
Thanks very much fellas. Tonight I'm gonna try an 11.5 lb brisket, using the 2001 award winning recipe. Thanks again guys!
Well,you have a great brisket cooker there.

If you cook it like a brisket should be cooked,that cooker will give you the taste and texture you desire,and bring thoughts of the great Southwest.

Sides of pinto beans,tater salad,grilled Texas Toast, some sliced onions and jalapenos,a little Asleep At The Wheel on the juke box,and a cold Shiner Bock.

I sure hope that isn't the recipe that turns out the polynesian pot roast,that would go well,as pulled beef over sticky rice.

Oh well,a little Don Ho and ukelele on the juke box. Roll Eyes

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