I am using my Smokette Elite for the first time. I am just seasoning the smoker by using hickory chunks with no meat. I set the temperature at 225 degrees. It will not hold a steady temperature? It has gone up to 299 degrees - really fluctuates. Any ideas?

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Welcome to the forum Drew.

Check out what Scott E says down near the bottom of this thread: Smokette Elite High Temp.

I believe there are a few other threads where people have called CookShack and gotten the same explanation.

I think this is just the way the Smokette works, and is nothing to worry about because it should settle out after a while, but just to be sure you don't have an unusual issue, you might call CS next week and ask them. Take note of the temp swings at set intervals, say every 15 minutes for a couple of hours so you can give them that information.

That said, there could be a problem, which is why you should call CS to talk to them about it. They don't monitor this forum.

Here's an example where someone had a bad relay: Help...Temp. keeps on rising!
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