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Okay, put a post out there about New Years Resolutions and few jumped in...

...put one out there about the Guide page and no one answered.

Hey, don't you guys want to talk?

Next subject:

Tenderquick, do you use it?

There's a post out there about ordering TQ and instead of replying there, I thought I'd start a new thread.

You know...
...I've thought a lot about Tenderquick. I used it in my "old" recipes but I don't use it anymore. The main reason I used it before was Food Safety 101 and my fear of the "Danger Zone"

This will probably generate a little discussion, hope so.

Now, my brines don't have it because I keep the temperatures out of the Danger Zone ( 40 to 140) while brining.

If you're not comfortable with the Danger Zone, use a little TenderQuick.

I'm sure there will be some questions, so bring them on.
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d9 Cat! Got your e-mail, I guess this is how I respond.

I use salt, sugar, and saltpeter to cure my products. I make corned moose, and thus pastrami, and smoked fish. Smoked fish needs nothing more than salt, but I can the product. I use saltpeter in my meat and fish sausages. It is cheap, salt is cheap, and Tenderquick is not. I simply do not see the reason for it. My meat turns out pink when I want it to and I don't have to go by a "recipe" that is clearly someone in Mortons. Saltpeter to last me two years is under 2 bucks here at the pharmacy. I can pick and choose my salt with no other fillers.

I no longer make jerky in my Smokette, because I think it is superior in my dehydrator. I use no cure other than salt and sugar there. Of course, whatever form of salt and sugar I wish + whatever spices and herbs I wish.

It may be anarchy on this forum...but I'm not known to be a conformist! Big Grin

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