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This is copied from another site. The KCBS reps Merl and Carol Whitebrook posted it.


1. Double E BBQ","172.0002"
2. Pellet Envy","171.4288"
3. Smokin Fatties","163.4286"
4. B Mans","163.4286"
5. Wizards of Que","159.4284"
6. Bad to the Bone Too","157.1430"
7. Poppa Lou BBQ","157.1428"
8. Magic Que Crew","154.8572"
9. Who's Your "Pit" Daddy","154.2854"
10.Smokin Blues BBQ","151.9998"


1","Bad to the Bone Too","171.4286"
2","Pellet Envy","167.9998"
3","Smokin Bones","167.9998"
4","Wizards of Que","167.4284"
5","B Mans","165.7142"
6","Poppa Lou BBQ","162.2856"
7","BILLY GOOD BBQ","161.7142"
8","Smokin Blues BBQ","156.0000"
9","Orr Automotive","154.8574"
10","Magic Que Crew","154.8572"


1","Smokin Blues BBQ","168.5714"
2","Bad to the Bone Too","167.4286"
3","Wizards of Que","160.5712"
4","Smokin Bones","159.4286"
5","Poppa Lou BBQ","155.4284"
6","Asimos Lawn Care","153.7140"
7","Jeff and the Fish","152.0000"
8","Magic Que Crew","151.4286"
9","B Mans","149.7142"
10","Lay-Low Cookin Cowboy","146.8572"


1","Wizards of Que","161.1428"
2","Smokin Fatties","158.2856"
3","Asimos Lawn Care","157.7144"
4","Wholly Smoked","155.4288"
5","B Mans","153.7146"
6","Jeff and the Fish","153.7142"
7","Pellet Envy","153.1426"
8","Who's Your "Pit" Daddy","150.8568"
9","Poppa Lou BBQ","147.4284"
10","Big O's Bar-B-Crew","146.2856"


Grand Champion - Wizards of Que, 648.5708

Reserve Grand Champion - Pellet Envy, 638.2852

3","Bad to the Bone Too","637.1432"
4","B Mans","632.5716"
5","Poppa Lou BBQ","622.2852"
6","Smokin Blues BBQ","616.5712"
7","Smokin Bones","612.5706"
8","Double E BBQ","610.8566"
9","Magic Que Crew","606.2856"
10","Smokin Fatties","606.2852"

Huge congrats to Fred and Annie. They overcame some really big obstacles to obtain their first KCBS win. I'll let Fred tell that story. All I can add is that it looks like the Texarkana folks like pellets!

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WAY to go FRED!!!

Congrats Rod.

Uhhh, what happened in Pork? You did great in the others. Or should we ask?

I went to the Jack and partied/visited.

Hope to see you in a contest next year. Don't forget, you have a new smoker so you need a new rig too and you're gonna sell me your old one -- right Big Grin
Annie and I are still wearing some big smiles. That was not the case on Friday. At 6AM on Friday, I walked down to the trailer to check a couple of briskets we were cooking for a neighbor. I noticed that the trailer was dark. As I got closer, I could smell the acrid odor of an electrical fire. The inverter pack had caught fire and taken out the trailers electrical distribution and deposited black shoot all over the back deck. With the trailer and the OH out of commission, I figured the weekend would be the couch, football, and an adult beverage or two. Annie insisted we go cook. So we load the FE in the back of the pickup and grab what stuff we might need and off we go to Texarkana. We get into the spot at 7PM and get electricity at 8PM. I'm felling pretty behind by then, but I remember FE always saying hot is not bad. I didn't take the FE out of the truck. Just cranked it up and cooked in the truck bed. Thank goodness I have heard many of you talk about cooking everything on one cooker or I would have been at a total loss. No one was more suprise with the win than me. It happened because Annie simply refused to give up. Also because we had an FE100.
Thanks Eddy,
What you taught us and others on the form had said gave us something to work with. Rod was great support giving advice. He offered his trailer so we didn't have to prep in the dark. The BBQ community is awsome. Smokin' Fatties gave us a table to prep on (I couldn't fit a table in the truck). It makes you feel good.

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