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I am getting my menu together for Cinco de Mayo and thought some might not know these.

Our old friend and comp cook from Colleyville,Tx,Jeff Wheeler does one I like-that is simpler than most.


Location: Cowtown, TX

subject: Januine Texas Armadillo Eggs


1 lb Jimmy Dean sausage
1 lb cheddar cheese cut in large chunks
5 or 6 big fresh japs
Bisquick 1/3 reg sized box or so
Williams Brand-Oven Fry for Chicken coating mix

Clean and de-seed the japs. In a bowl start gradually adding the Biquick to the sausage till you get a mixture about like plumbers putty using your hands to squish it all up. Take a cleaned jap and set a plug of cheddar inside of of. Wet your hands and form the sausage mixture around the japs into the shape of a Baby Ruth candy bar..then shake it up or roll it around to coat with the Oven Fry for Chicken coating mix. Bake in the oven on a sheet pan or on the pit till they get done. Suspect maybe an hour at 325-350 should be about right. When they get brown and crunchy thats a clue they ready. You can also use canned green chiles instead of japs if you feeding old widder ladies or yankees or whutever. You can also use pickled japs instead of fresh ones. Tends to be a little warmer seems like.

Hmmm think all the grocery stores got that stuff around here. Seems to be a little cornflake base or something like that. Much mo betta than shake and bake. Bigga chunks of crispy stuff etc. Betcha you find a recipe for ho made oven coating mixes in Goggle quicker than a minner can swip a dipper. If not let me know and I will go hunt it up for you. Now do not use shake n bake. It makes it taste funny. Now dont axe me how I know thisSmiler

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