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Never been a really huge fan of turkey, but that may have changed. Seen several posts around the interwebs that looked DELICIOUS! Had to give it a go. Couldn't find boneless breasts anywhere, so picked up a 6lb. bone in breast from Aldi. As a bonus I received two packages of gravy that weighed in at 1lb.

Deboned and ended up with about 2 3/4 lbs of boneless breasts. Good coat of Simply Marvelous Peppered Beef with some extra pepper.

Figured I give the Meater a go that I picked up from Woot recently. Into the FEC at 275. External temp probe slow to register temp, but it eventually caught up to the Thermoworks Dot.

About an hour and a half later, they had some good color, so into some foil with butter and more butter.

About another 45 minutes in the FEC, then a 40 minute rest. Mmmm, looks pretty good to me...

Sliced one up for some snacks...

JUICY! This was the end piece.

Had to dunk it in the buttery goodness...

I may be a convert. This turkey stuff ain't bad at all. Was going to make myself a sandwich, but I just stood at the stove and munched away. Ate almost half of one of the breasts.

Thanks for looking.

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Looks great, but I'm not a real fan of turkey breast. Did a whole spatchcocked turkey for Thanksgiving last year (post and pics here somewhere), and the breast on that was ok, but poultry breast (except duck and goose) for me is dry sawdust, unless luck shines on you during cooking.  I won't buy the stuff. I prefer dark meat - taste and juice without the worry. I find, for example, that substituting boneless skinless chicken thigh for any recipe using chicken breast, is really good, flavorful and juicy. Other than BBQ, chicken thigh is my staple for Chinese, like steamed chicken and Chinese sausage, one of my favorite Asian dishes.

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