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Thanks Guys,

Don't know why, this year more people seemed to "get it" about Veterans Day. And that's a good thing. I've gone many a year where no one ever noticed, except the family.

I hope all the Veterans in the forum will stop by and let us know they served. One year or twenty, a Veteran is special.

Lt. Col. USAF, Retired and DAMN proud of it Big Grin
Great thread and I couldn’t agree more! It does seem like more people appreciate veterans today. I come from a long line of veterans having served in the USAF myself. My brother has recently retired from the Army.

Many many thanks to all who have served and to the families of those who gave the ultimate gift of their service I salute you
Originally posted by JerinVA:

How hard would it be to pull my and jjhacker's posts into this one so we have one veterans day thread and delete the one I started?

The ONE thing I can't do as moderator is combine posts. Wish I could, that would help me a lot. I'll just close that one and point them here.

Here is my post from the other thread. Smokin if you want you can just delete the other thread since JJ and I now have our posts here.

I just wanted to start a thread today thanking all the men and women who are or have served our country. As we all know, freedom isn't free.

How about the veterans/parents/spouces identifying themselves.

I'm retired Navy having served in submarines and also have a son in the Tennessee National Guard who has seen two tours in Iraq.

Happy Veterans Day and THANK YOU for your service!!

Jer in Virginia

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