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First year ever doing Thanksgiving at our house. I've had my ********* smoker (SM025) almost a year, but have yet to do a Turkey.  Using Steve Raichlen's Maple & Bourbon Brine recipe and was wondering if there are any further suggestions out there? 

Pretty excited to give it a go this year. Folks at ********* have been amazing with their service and tips when I call.  Doing another bird with my dad on charcoal grill as well, which helps with being able to try a turkey in the smoker for first time. So proud of my outdoor kitchen that I figured I would share a pic with you all. Gas & charcoal grills along with ********* smoker, what more could an avid griller want?    




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I hope CS is continuing to monitor problems with their new forum platform. It seems on the Forum Home page, the above post is complete with the word "*********" appearing as normal, but when one clicks "read more" which links to the actual post location, everywhere the word "*********" should appear, it has "*********" instead, as if it were a profanity. What is going on, CS?

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