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Here's our local email advertisement for this Sunday's Chapel BBQ here on base at Qatar. You'all come:

Dear Camp.

I'd like to take just a moment and introduce one of the major players in this Sunday's Chapel BBQ: The Cowboy Ribeye. This generous slab of steer is acclaimed among carnivores as the finest culinary masterpiece ever developed by the beef critter.

For those of us who may require some retraining in bovine geography, the 'Rib' is the primal section located in the very middle of the steer, far away from any overworked muscle groups, ensuring absolute tenderness.
The prized snow-white flecks of marbling impart natural juices while the bone-in design not only prioritizes flavor, but provides a convenient handle for eager diners.

Weighing nearly a pound, the Cowboy Ribeye is a very generous hunk of lip-smacking American goodness available to the first fifty-or-so non-cholesterol-conscience personnel standing tall at noon in the serving line at this Sunday's event. Those behind these fortunate few must dine on moderately-less prestigious (yet abundant) cuts of steak as well as Fried Chicken, Burgers, Hotdogs with numerous side items and deserts poised for everyone's dining pleasure.

The Serving line opens at 1200 at the Chapel. See ya there.

Blessings, CHW

Chaplain (MAJ) William Wehlage
Command Chaplain
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PS, I wish I had my FEC and pellets over here, let alone some pork.

Me and my chaplain's assistant searched every pallet in the junk yard. All but two were pine. We secured two maple pallets, which we have chopped up to add some kick to the flavorless charcoal they have over here. I lit a little sliver of the wood inside the chapel, and boy did it smell good. Who needs incense when you have hardwood? Big Grin I sure miss that smell.

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