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Here is an exercise in futility, but it should be fun. I am just curious what the most unusual thing forum members have smoked.

I'll start this off. Mrs. Bodkin makes me smoke bones (beef crosscut leg bones) for our labs. What a waste of energy, anybody want two labs? Also last April 1 I smoked a kimchi pot in my smokette. Don't believe that for a minute, however I would love to hear the unusual from the rest of you. This forum is not only highly informative but fun. Jump in here with your stories.
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Originally posted by Papa Deuce:
fois gras is duck or goose liver

but it has to be prepared in a certain way...

From Wikipedia:

"Foie gras (French for "fat liver") is the fattened liver of a duck or goose that has been overfed. Along with truffles, foie gras is one of the greatest delicacies in French cuisine"”it is very rich and buttery, with a delicate flavour unlike that of a regular duck or goose liver.

All animal rights organizations, and nearly all animal welfare organizations regard the production as cruelty to animals because of the force-feeding and the health consequences resultant from enlarged livers. Foie gras production is illegal in several countries and in several U.S. jurisdictions."
Originally posted by KCAL56:
I'm with the PETA people on this one. We should let geese enlarge their livers the old fashioned way, like the rest of us- drink to excess!

The Chicago City Coucil recently enacted legislation banning restaurants from selling foie gras in any form. Some creative chefs are talking about offering it for free and selling the accompaniments that are on the plate - such as $25 for a leaf of lettuce or a fork and knife rental fee..

Of course, this is the same group that's currently considering proposed legislation banning restaurants from using oils containing transfats and cab drivers to dress better.

Guess things must be a little slow this summer.
Originally posted by buckeyebbq:
I wouldn't mind if transfat was banned-that's why I've begun making my own lard (from fatback) to use for cooking and deepfrying Smiler

Smoking Joe, I'm surprised the foie gras didn't just melt

It did a bit, but I used the cold smoke plate to prevent it from really getting any heat.

As for smoking terrorists, I am waiting for the season to open!!!
Originally posted by SD neil:
terrorist-Was that in pieces smokin? LOL Big Grin

Thought no one noticed that one. No, smoke'd 'em whole, usually cooked in large groups. Smoked with custom iron smoking devices that usually cooked them in milliseconds. Not low and slow but VERY effective.
Strawberries! The smoked strawberries were then used to make a shrub for a cachaca-based cocktail.

I took a class on making your own cocktail ingredients at Absinthe in San Francisco and this was one of my favorite drinks that we sampled that night.

The Charmer

Served at Absinthe, San Francisco
Cabana Cachaça
Smoked Strawberry Shrub
Housemade Pepper Tincture

Here's a link to an article on smoke flavor in cocktails.

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