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Hey Gun,

I haven't cooked deer in the smoker. But when I have cooked it in ohter ways. It seems to be very lean and slow cooking in a smoker may leave it dry.

I have not tried it, but some one posted once that they had wrapped the venison with bacon and then smoked it.

Bacon helps everything??

What folks are saying is that you can smoke anything.

You can smoke dill pickles,eggs over easy,carrots,etc.

Some things need low and slow to render all the fat and break down the collagen.

Some of the jerky guys will chime in,as that is the normal use.

A bunch of my family is just north of Randy and the whitetails are so thick that there is a jerky plant next to every C-store.

Grind it 50/50 with pork butts and the sausage guys will use it.

As far as the bacon goes,I'd fry it up for a couple BLT s to eat,while you are foiling the roast to cook as a pot roast.

Like GLH says,we've all discussed,and many of us have smoked ONE. Eeker

You will have fun,just using the smokette,and you'll gain the experience.

Just a couple thoughts.
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