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Originally posted by RibDog:
Sorry, it just did not come across right when I first read it.

Same here.

John, how's the weather in St Pete? I'm a little south of you in Sarasota for the LD weekend (stupid idea). We started getting tapped by the feeder bands a couple hours ago with steady winds over 30 mph and gusts over 50 mph. Intermittent squalls thrown in for a bonus.

Good luck to all in harm's way. Unless something changes dramatically, it's going to be nasty.
I'm a devotee of the Food Network...I like talkin,' 'cookin,' 'eatin,' and watching programs about it. Although I must admit I find myself 'hollerin' at the TV sometimes as my opinion may differ from theirs...mine being right, of course!

Now, regarding the shows reviews of restaurants, we have to remember they are making TV SHOWS, and sometimes the food can be total crapola, but they seem to have to say how scrumptuous it is.

I was SOOOOOO disappointed going to a Q place here in L.A. that "Triple D" went on and on about, and folks, it was just plain awful!! I'm not saying it was ok....not saying not so good...I'm saying AWFUL. Yuch!

So, though I enjoy the programs, I gotta take 'em with a huge grain of salt!

Awful...did I mention that??

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