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I put 6 racks of baby backs into my Elite, set at 225* with a couple chunks of hickory. Halfway through the smoke I kicked the temp up to 250*.

The smoker billowed a huge stream of smoke for the entire smoke with some coming out the door where it usually does when smoking heavily. No big deal. But after 3 hrs., I was worried that the heavy smoke would overpower the ribs and give them a creosote taste so I removed the smoke box.

This is where things got curious. Instead of the smoke dissipating, the smoker continued to throw off large amounts of smoke. What the heck? So I opened the smoker one more time to take a look and saw smoke coming off the walls and floor of the smoker, and this continued for another hr. or so until I pulled the ribs. Is this seasoning taken to the next level? Or does this increase and dissipate with normal usage of the smoker?

The ribs turned out great and were a big hit. So I guess I shouldn't worry about it, but I am curious.
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Just a thought, when I turn mine up it will over shoot by about 15*. This may have accounted for the smoke or it could have been them pellets that you used laid extra smoke on the walls. This is very interesting.

I have been watching mine when I put a piece of wood in that I have cut in half(thickness). It seems to burn quicker and starts faster. Not that this has to do with your question,but it is also interesting.
Keep in mind, the best kind of smoke is the smoke you don't see. People make the mistake of thinking "if I don't see smoke" it's not smoking.

The smoke you see is usually gray and that's what makes for the nasty taste.

So the issue of smoke is more about what KIND of smoke. Clear or blue smoke is the best. Gray is not.

If it's smoking when empty, then do as Tom says, run it on a high temp to see what's happening.

Something caused this, when I used my Smokette all the time, the walls never smoked. Maybe yours is possessed.
I have noticed large amounts of smoke coming out of my 025 at times(so I thought) until I did a batch of Jerky one time that was unusually wet. You could hear it raining inside my smoker and the smoke hole looked like a steam pipe broke. I opened the door let all the moisture out and it was happy. I have since noticed on long smokes I still get the so called smoke when I know for a fact after 12 hours the wood is gone. I have also noticed that when I'm almost at my temp the smoke disappears. So it might just be moisture that is turning into steam and not smoke at all.
It's been running at 300* for 1.5 hrs and the smoke is dissipating. Heavier at first, even after scraping her down, but lighter now. Might have been some steam with the ribs in, but definitely smoke and probably possessed. Big Grin

Looks like she needed a good dry run. I should have taken a picture of it yesterday with the wood box out. You wouldn't have believed it.

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