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You Got to love Both the PG500 and the PG1000, Fast Eddy and Cookshack have Designed two of the Best built most Versatile Grill Smokers on the Market!!! Take this from someone who spent 24 years Using Commercial Quality Restaurant Equipment .... They Build um RIGHT! I currently Own a PG500, PG1000, FEC100, And a sm008. I Love them all!
That being said is there anyone who would love to see The PG500 or the PG1000 have the Option of a IQ5 controller?
I think if Cookshack Added an Upgraded PG500 and PG1000 with a IQ5 controller, Not only would it increase The PG line to 4 Smokers, It would Create a Huge Buzz in the BBQ world. I personally would Buy One !! How about You??
One Sad thing I Have Seen more than a few times is that some people while in their Purchasing Decisions have gone with the competition based on having a probe built into the grill, Just last month I was talking to a guy here in boise that was deciding between a PG500 and a Mac Grill ..... Sad to say He went with the MAC The Non stainless Version at that!!! He based his decision on the lack of a probe!!! The Numbskull .... Hope he has fun with his Probe!!
Now just think if Cookshack Did put The IQ5 controller into the PG line.... Would People Buy Them ... You Bet! Would People Pay more For them.... In a Heart Beat!! I just want to Thank Cookshack And Fast Eddy for the Best Smokers I have Ever Owned ... And Who Knows ... Maybe Someday They will Produce THE Ultimate PG and give me a reason to Buy a another Cookshack Grill to add to my Collection!
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Don't know if the IQ5 Controller would help the pellet grills or not since they run with a one-speed fan on high to keep the firepot going under the grilling area. Think a high/low speed fan would hurt performance of the grilling feature. Best to leave the two-speed fan to the FEC line of smokers in my opinion.

What I would like to see is an easier way to adjust the LHT & HHT. I would like to vary those settings more often to fine tune my grill for varying weather conditions/temperatures as well as low smoking temps vs higher grilling temps. Right now I mostly just leave those settings alone and so there are times of thicker smoke rather than maintaining the elusive "thin blue smoke" I hear so much about.

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