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Several days ago while at the local market looking for some ribs to practice with, I found a deal on a 3 � lb corned beef brisket flat. Remembering something I had seen here earlier about pastrami, I grabbed it and brought it home.
A quick search of the archives gave me some ideas and I developed the following plan which I followed today.
Soak brisket in fresh water 3 � hours changing water hourly (refrigerated)
Put rub on brisket. The Rub was equal parts (one tablespoon)
Garlic powder
Coriander seeds
Mustard seeds
Black pepper (course ground)
Turbinado sugar
Refrigerate over night (pressed under weight)
Smoke at 225 deg with 4 oz hickory (lots of wood for a short smoke) 7:30 AM
Pull and foil with � cup apple sauce at 160 deg. 12:15 PM
Pull at 190 deg. 3:30 PM
Foil and place in unheated oven to rest 30 min. (just could not wait any longer)

Well I sliced a bit up It looked and tasted like pastrami to me, it even was nice and moist. Next I gave some to my wife who grew up in N.Y. she said �I don�t believe this! You made pastrami! It�s wonderful!�

So now I decided to be brave and go for a big test. I took several slices on a picnic where there were several chefs and received similar comments. The samples all disappeared before I could even get a bite. But I fooled them all, I still have some in the frig for self.

Thanks again all for such a great resource!

Look out ribs here I come and I�ll get you right next time!
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