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So I am tackling this brisket project, new to the site, thanks in advance for any advice.

Wife has a get together for a bunch of people for a Sat- eating about 3:00 P.M. I have done some ribs, gamebirds, but never a long project like a brisket. I plan on doing two briskets and a pork butt. I work til 400 on Fridays, can probabaly get the thing fired up at 5:00 Friday. Sooooo, I gotta sleep sometime. Whats my best plan. Heres some of my thoughts. I am guessing 15 hours at 200 in my propane Smoky Mountain.

10-12 brisket, 6 lb butt

1. I start the project at 5 P.M. Smoke away til early morning hours when I pass out from Guiness Stout. Wrap in foild and finish in the oven while I snooze. That gets me done waaaay ahead of time, so I slice and kep warm in a crock pot?

2. Take a nap, start at midnight. Maybe switch to the oven and get a nap mid morning, when I switch to the oven.

3. do it all the weekend or two before, start at 5:00 A.M. Freeze it and crockpot the day of.

Whats my best bet? 15 hours SHOULD do the trick right????
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Hmmm 200? I think it might take a little more than 15 hours.

General rule on 225 would be 1.5 hours per pound. 10 lb brisket will take give or take 15 hours. 6 lb pork butt will take 9-12 hours average

You are running at 200 so I think it will be a bit longer than that, course I could be wrong.

5 pm in oven......15 hours would be 8 am. 12 hours would be 5am. I personally think it will be more like 18 hours at that temp, tho this too is a guess. That would put the brisket done about 10 am. Personally I would start it at about 7 pm to give you some leeway, pull it if its done a couple of hours early....even 4 or 5 hours early. Double foil them both, add some apple juice or broth, wrap tight, place in some heavy towels and put both together in a solid cooler. They should keep each other insulated and stay warm for hours.

Are u using a therm?

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