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I recently tried a recipe for a beef rub. I used it on a brisket. TOOOOO salty, at least for my taste. It called for 1C sugar and 1C garlic salt. and other various ingredients. My question is can I add something to lower the salt taste? More sugar? If not I will throw it out. It did not make a large amount.
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Old brisket cooks claim all is needed is salt and pepper,with some garlic powder.

Many folks feel that the goal is to balance sweet with salt and heat.

If you like,add an extra ingredient that you like.

Try adding some sugar,until it tastes balanced to your tongue.

Add some black pepper,if you like a little heat.

Add some cayenne,if you like a little more.

Remember the old adage, about tasting at the end and adding salt-if needed.

Hope this helps a little.

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