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Are you wanting to cook AT 180 deg for some reason, or cook TO 180 internal temp?

Cooking AT 180 seems mighty low for a sirloin.
I would use 250-350--other folks will vary that temp.

180 internal seems mighty high. I would be looking for 125-140 or so for slicing or 190 + if you want to pull for some reason.

Just some thoughts.

smokinokie did a nice one at that external temp, heres his tips..

Tender enough to go 899899 on tenderness (9 is best).

Cooked it in my FE at about 180 for two reasons, I wanted it to take a lot of smoke and take a while to cook.

It was an 8lb roast and I focused on the one muscle that runs through the center and stayed away from the outer parts. I trimmed it so this muscle was what I smoked.

Smoked with cherry and pecan and used a variation on Montreal Steak Seasoning can't get specific but for me, steak is a Keep It Simple Method.

Cut it thin to win. It was plenty tender.

One KEY (and a secret, so don't tell anyone) is that I cooked it, pulled it at 125 internal and let is sit for multiple hours. One to let the juices settle, but I think it also just allows it to come out a "little" more tender. I do this for any large beef cuts.

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