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I have a Cookshack SM055 model that has been working fine, but today I put on some chicken and 1 1/2 hrs later I opened the smoker to check the temp. The chicken looked raw. I closed the smoker and put an instant read thermometer in the chimney hole on top, and it read 125°. It's plugged directly into an outlet. I checked the connection and it was fine.
The heating element seems to be working because the wood box is too hot to touch, when I turn the thermostat to off, then back on, I can hear the faint click demanding power on, when I hit the 125° range, so it seems the thermostat is working. Why won't the unit heat over 125°?
This unit is fairly simple, what could be going on here, a thermostat failure, or the heating element?

Thanks for any input...
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Ooops, might have been a false alarm or a glitch somewhere. I turned the unit off and on a number of times listening for the faint click, then turned in back on full blast and came in and wrote my original message. When I went back outside, the smoker was billowing smoke and the instant read thermometer read 185 and rising. I don't know what happened, but it seems to be working now. ...Sure smells good!

Has anyone else with the old style thermostat had this happen to them, or do I have a potential problem?

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