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I am attempting to brine for the first time. My first issue is that I cannot find Tenderquick in New Orleans. Coon Asses seem not to care if the meat spoils, they figure the whiskey will take care of all possible problems.

Anyway, I have smoked non-brined birds using the rule 1/hr per lb. Will brining increase the cooking time by a significant amount? I don't want to have my bird finish 3 hours early?????
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Love my brines !!! I use a vitamix throw some whole garlic bulbs a whole onion some cayenne pepper a hand full of salt and a � cup of sugar in grind it all up with what ever other spices sound good then keeping the bird and the brine real cold sit back and let the chemistry do it�s magic. Please read Brining 101. You can spend a lot of money on books and not end up with something as good.
Go to:

Brining 101

For some good info.

quick response:

1. Brining will DECREASE the cooking time. Seems the added moisture increase the heat conduction. Rough guess, but cut the time by about 10%

2. Can't go by 1 hour per pound. For a turkey, after years of experimenting, I say at least 24 and I do all mine for 48.

3. TQ. You can forget this in your recipe IF you keep your liquid chilled below about 40 degrees.

Hope this helps.


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