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Buy any good hot sauce that you like, and add a few drops or more to see if it makes it more like you like. Otherwise you have to find a rub or pepper to add to it, a liquid sauce that you like is the best place to start.

And PLEASE get them off of SBR... LOL

I know it's popular, you won't change them.
Funny, I have the exact same situation here. I smoke/dry my own chipotles. I put enough of the SBR for my son and I into my miniature food processor with one of these chipotles and pulverize the crap out of it. Adds great flavor and just the right amount of heat. I use this trick for sauce for ribs, wings etc. Of course I prefer to make my own but at 5:00 after work not a lot of options so busting open a bottle of off the shelf stuff with this chipotle trick works fine.
Like Smokin' says,it can be adjusted.

It is thought to be too sticky sweet to tell what you are eating it on.

The liquid hot sauce,or cayenne is often used.

You need to add cayenne gradually,as it takes a little while to blend thru and mellow out.

Many add a good bit of cider vinegar,so it isn't sticky sweet.

Some folks say you can cut it by half with apple juice,and it is ok.

Many cooks adjust off the shelf sauces this way.

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