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It arrived in good shape except for one shelf, the probe guard and the left side rack were bent from the gallons of sauce and rub that were stacked on it. I think I can straighten most of it so you wont be able to tell, might just have to get a new side rack for that side.

I have it seasoning with some hickory right now.
Will have to run grab a couple pork butts and chickens to season it a little more tomorrow.

Maybe beef jerky and a sirloin tip roast for some Italian beef Sunday.

I just went out to put the ET-732 probe in it and found out that the door seal gasket puts enough pressure against the door to make it fly open pretty good, enough to take a chunk off ones knuckle if your not using both hands Wink

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Nice pic. Could someone tell me how many inches apart the racks are on the 120? I like the 7 slot on the 100 and sometimes use up to 6 of them for ribs or smaller briskets trying not to blanket load. Not sure 5 would be enough. Are the racks the same dimensions? I'm picturing 4 butts on three different racks and it looks like it would be full. If they were 7.5# average that's only 90#.

Since these have the convection fan can you put a bigger load on racks? It doesn't work very well on the 100's if you over fill them unless you rotate ever 3-4 hours.
At 5 inches it would be tight but I think you could do butts on every rack. What do you think?

The FEC 100 is a 6.5 inch gap if you use every other slot. As long as the butts weren't huge (not that there is anything wrong with big butts Cool) there is plenty of room on the 100.

Anyone had both a 100 and a 120? Is the 120 worth the extra? I am going to have to get another smoker as we are swamped!


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