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Well yesterday I smoked my venison pastrami. I'll send Smokin the pics and maybe he can insert them in the post for me, but until then Here's what I did:

I took a 5 lbs bottom round roast from this years deer. My co-worker also had a brisket from his deer. Now let me say a brisket off a white tail deer is nothing like that of a steer. What he handed me to cure was a piece of meat about 10" x 14" x 1" thick with the grain running the 14" direction.

The brisket was too thin to inject, but my roast was anywhere from 2"- 4" thick so I 1st mixed an injection brine consisting of the following:

3.5 c of water
2 TBS of brown sugar
2 TBS of TenderQuick

I injected as much of the brine as possible into the roast using my smaller 2 oz. S/S Eastman marinade injector.

Next I made the soaking brine that consisted of:

1 gal of water
3 c of TenderQuick
1/2 c of pickling spices (McCormicks)
1/2 c of brown sugar
4 bay leaves
The remaining injection brine

From Midday Wed. until Sunday morning both pieces of meat brind in the solution. At that time I took the thinner brisket out and began soaking. The roast I left in until Monday morning when I rinsed and soaked it until about 2:30.

While soaking I made the following rub:

2 TBS granulated garlic
2 TBS cracked pepper corns
2 TBS coriander (cracked mixed with ground)
2 TBS hungarian paprika
1 TBS koshar salt
1 TBS cracked mustard seed
1 TBS brown sugar.

The brisket I rolled into a roast about 3" thick x 14" long so my buddy would be able to slice accross the grain. Then I rubbed both roasts liberally.


The rolled deer brisket

Both roasts ready for the smoker

Into the smoker at 2:35 for the following cook:

2:35 - 130 degrees
3:35 - 170 degrees
4:50 - 200 degrees
5:45 - 220 degrees
6:45 - 250 degrees

Pulled the rolled brisket at 7:00 and the bottom round at 7:30. Both roasts went to an internal of 167.

Results: Pastrami red all the way to the center. A good pastrami taste.

The only real difference was that the 1st venison roast I did turned more of the traditional dark color. As you will see in the pictures this time the rub didn't turn as dark. It stayed almost the same color as when I put it in.

5 lb. roast prior to smoking.

5 lb. roast after smoking. Which by the way ended up yielding just above 3 lbs.

Now the 1st time I used regular McCormicks paprika and omited the mustard seed. Maybe the Hungarian paprika doesnt "burn" like the cheap stuff?????? And maybe the light colored mustard seed helped keep it a lighter color???????? Any ideas folks?

All in all, this attempt was a winner. I'm always glad when I can say I didnt waste my wild game!
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