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I was wondering what would happen if you smoked a bone-in pork loin for a longer period of time, kind of like ribs. Way above the 140 temp. After all they are just ribs with the loin muscle attached. Do you think they would dry out because they are too lean? Could they possibly be smoked to say 190 plus and be really tender. i.e falling off the bone. Any comments?
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I have not tried this, especially in the smoker, but my brother does a half bone-in loin (about 10 lbs) every year for Christmas, at 325 for 5 - 6 hours in his oven. I don't know the IT when finished, but it is definitely well-done, but still juicy and tender. He serves it cut off the ribs for the main dinner, then brings the ribs, reheated and lightly covered with BBQ sauce, to the family get together that week, and they are fabulous, tender and flavorful. As far as I know, he does not cover it or use anything but salt and pepper. Don't know if this helps, but that's what i know.
Originally posted by RangerDF:
I was wondering what would happen?

You would have shoe leather.

Unlike ribs, PL has no internal fat so it won't be moist. For me PL is dry over 150.

Now, I've never done it, but someone who wants to experiment can report back and let us know. It would definitely need some moisture when cooking that long.
Now, Slice a hole thru the loin length-ways and insert a nice piece of fatty smoked sausage and you might have something. But I'm with Max, maybe better done to a lower temp.

I did try to cook-to-death a boneless pork loin one time as an attempt for very lean pulled pork. It tasted like shredded wood.

Remember, the loin on any animal is the most tasteless piece of meat. All my hogs I process either go into chops (which have bone for flavor) or I pull the loins and make Cad bacon with them.

I did brine a boneless Tamworth loin once, slice it into two-inch chops. But again, finished right at 140, they were wonderful wrapped in Tamworth Bacon.

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