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I'm planning a SRF 17+ lb brisket for a party tomorrow night. I've smoked 6+ Waygu; some 2 staged, others at 246 - 250.

Given the size of this one, I'm considering hot & fast. Any of you try this with Waygu? Myron and others claim hot & fast (350) to an internal of 170, followed by a 6 hr FTC is the only way to go. Have also heard that Myron's brisket is more to the tune of roast beef, flavor wise, which isn't exactly a bad thing.

Would appreciate any feedback on hot & fast, and times per pound.

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Method & verdict -

Pre-trimmed weight on SRF Waygu brisket = 17.5 #
Post trim = 15.25

Did not inject. The brisket was heavily marbled and I wanted pure Waygu flavor.

Rubbed with Black Ops brisket rub. Set temp for 276 using Mesquite pellets. Placed a green 3" maple log on the wood pan. Placed the brisket in middle rack position fat side down.

6 hrs mark - 168 flat; 172 point. 3x wrapped with foil using 1 stick of butter on the bottom and 1 cup beef broth. Kicked the temp to 300.

7.5 hr mark - 204 probe tender flat, 210 very probe tender point. FTC'd 2 hrs. Removed point for BE's. Rewrapped flat saving the pouch broth...about 3 cups. FTC's flat till time to slice.

Cubed the point, dusted with rub, smoked 1 hr at 326. Drizzled BE's with Swamp Boys sauce & FTC'd

BE's were tender melt-in-mouth wonderful. Flat slices were had perfect KCBS tug and were very moist and flavorful.

While I wouldn't call this "hot & fast" I might call it expedited smoking Smiler Getting a 15+ lb brisket finished in less than 8 hrs would certainly give me reason to repeat the process. While I normally don't foil at plateau, the 300 finish temp would justify it.

Between the Mesquite pellets and Maple wood, there was plenty of smoke flavor and a very decent smoke ring.

Thanks to David Qualls for the temp guidelines and the "butter in the pouch" suggestion.
Over n out.
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