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Ran off a ten pound load today. Did not take long. The jerky maker was too hot to lay on hands. Had it all done in 7 hrs or thereabouts. Hot enough to cook briskets in there I think. The scammy butcher at Tom Thumb would not sell me the pretty Londom broils from his display case...but insisted to cut me some fresh fat and grisly looking freaks of nature. Swear I had way more waste than with an eye of round and prob less work to get it peeled. It's higher than 2.99 is the only thing.
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On a similar vein. I bake really awesome to die for biscotti. Use the best ingredients. So many people suggested I sell my biscotti. A healthy market in my old beach town did a lot of stuff on consignment. I knew one of the girls in the store. She suggested I talk to the owner, which I did. A lot of places take your product on consignment but it's tough collecting. Most won't accept the risk and pay up front, they want it 30, 60, some even 90 days. They want to run a tab with you, I found it better just to make it for friends. I knew one wealthy woman that bought my biscotti in bulk and froze it. Good luck with your venture. I'm sure it's not your product, but dealing with another business isn't always as smooth as it would be if they were selling to you, you get my drift ??
Originally posted by Chaplain Bill:
So, what's you assessment for your jerky. was that a good sale for you? How did your product hold up on the shelf for a month? Any repeat customers?

Yep..tested the hypothesis. With using cure..getting it pretty dry and using the desiccant packs it will last a month on the peg board. Just threw out a few bags which was out of date in fact. The gel packs seem to be sensitive to the amount and in some strange way to the moisture content. One pack of the size I have works about right for a 3 oz bag. On the 1 oz bag it dries it out like a mummy. I am officially retiring the one oz size. I was talking to an old airplane maker the other day. He says he has some dessicant packs which weigh a pound or two each and packed in with airplane motors. Who woulda thunk it?

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