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Was watching a Bobby Flay BBQ show today, they were doing a story in Memphis. The pitmaster at "Blues City Cafe" showed their secret to good ribs: He held up what I swear was a Cookshack wood box, filled it with hickory chips, then wet them down and put the drawer into the cooker. I am by no means a Cookshack recognition expert, but it sure looked like a Cookshack, about twice/three times the size of my 055 (similar to the 260?). Wonder if anyone else saw it?
Thought it was an interesting twist, since that technique is generally pooh-poohed here. Additionally, the pitmaster mentioned that he was putting the wood into a cold oven, and they would get "a good eight hours" of smoke. He then sauced them and grilled them briefly.
Again, I'm pretty sure it was a Cookshack (or similar knock-off). Anyone help out??
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nope, didn't see it. What was the name of the episode, I'll look for it.

There are several lookalikes out there.

Wet would will smolder, not burn. If he likes his smoke that way, that's fine, it's how a lot of people have been told over the years..."soak your wood first". The thought is that you need to "see" the smoke.

Try it and see what you think.

Did a search in google, found bluescitycafe and they have a video on their website. Unfortunately it's too dark to see their smoker.

Here's the recipe from Food Network
Blues City Cafe's World Famous Ribs Recipe courtesy Mark Tedford
Show: BBQ with Bobby Flay
Episode: Memphis

2 (1 3/4 to 2 1/4 pound) rack pork loin back ribs
2 parts chili powder
1 part seasoning salt
Favorite barbecue sauce

Clean and trim fat from rib slabs. Season the dry rib racks with a 2 to 1 mixture of chili powder and seasoning salt. Rub seasoning into ribs then wrap or place in air tight containers overnight in refrigerator.
Preheat your smoker or grill to 225 to 300 degrees F and fill woodbox with hickory wood. Cook the ribs slowly for about 4 hours, or until they are almost falling off the bone.

When ribs are done, cool at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes. Wrap and refrigerate.

Preheat an oven, grill, or smoker to 225 degrees F. Reheat unwrapped ribs for 1 hour. Serve with barbecue sauce.
Hadn't erased the show, so watched it again. It has to be a Cookshack... the door locks are exactly like on mine (the double jointed ones), and the wood box is a dead ringer, too! There are three wire racks about 1.5 feet apart, and just about as wide as a rack of ribs.I was going to call the place to find out, but I figured they might have other things to do at 7:00 on a Friday night than satisfy the curiousity of a Yankee from Kaliforni-yay...

By the way, my hearing has let me down again...the ribs were put into the old oven, not the cold oven... Red Face
I had this episode stored on Tivo, and just got around to watching it. There were actually 2 Cookshack looking smokers shown, one taller than the other. The taller one had its control panel to the front, forward of the vent. It was somewhat triangular in shape. The shorter unit had it in the rear and was rectangular.

The cook had 2 narrow woodboxes in his hand. I'm not sure if both went into the shorter smoker which he had opened, or if one was for each.

The original air date of the show was June 2004.

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