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While you have the time,you could get lots of different approaches by going to FIND at page top,all forums.

Also the Brisket 101 and archives will give several approaches to your situation,that might suit your needs-better than our guess.

Could be good reasons in the search,why you don't hear about cutting in half.
I used to fold the end under when I cooked "honkin" packers on my WSM.
Worked fine. Plenty of shrinkage if you want to "unfold" later.

With the FEC--that problem went away.

NOW--I do cut some briskets in half because the Mrs likes "plain" brisket a lot. She uses it for soups and all kinds of stuff. Not even salt and pepper for her Roll Eyes
Since she does not need a full packer-I cut one in half and do the flat end her way and the point end my way.

Works fine for home use.

Cooking time does not change much.

Good Eats

Took everyone's advice and just folded it. After smoking it over-night at 225*, woke up at 5:45 and the meat temp was 201*. Left it in until about 6:45, pulled it out, double wrapped it in hd foil and stuck in the oven at 200 until 11:45. Total time for the 10# brisket: 13hrs. Will put it in a cooler for the trip to the reunion this afternoon. Can' wait to try it. I'll let you know how it turned out.

Thanks for all the help....ALL OF YOU ! Cool
Originally posted by Old Rookie:
Turned out great! Took it to 200* because I wanted to pull it, not slice it. Everyone loved it. Pulled it out of the cooler, stuck it in the oven for about 15 min at 200*. Unwrapped and pulled it. Very moist and fall apart tender. 1st brisket was a success.

AHA!! I SEE said the blind man! Big Grin

I thought slicing would get interesting at those temps and times. Sounded like roasting to me. Great to hear it came out like you wanted it! Big Grin

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