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I offer this as merely one source of commentary.

Smokin'Okie has tried to teach us how to get started cooking our own and certainly produces great ones at his restaurants.

This comes from Rod Grey,a long time member of our forum,and an FEC 100 top cook for many years.

Rod,merely offers this as part of the history and some of the fine cooks that many of us know that are part of that history.

Hopefully ,many of us get a chance to visit these historic places,maybe get to judge these fine cooks,and even better.. compete with our own examples.

Burnt Ends
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Thanks for the link. Along this line some chums and I went through a phase of separating the point and flat and cooking the point on the rack above the make sort of an automatic flat baster. I started covering the point with an upside aluminum pan to sorta make an internal lid for it. Noticed the point caught quite a bit more heat blacked and crunched up real nice. Might even pass for a burnt end up in KC. A lid off a weber kettle also works in place of the pan. A butt works better than a point to serve as the baster.

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