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An aquaintance of mine liked some of my CS 'Q and asked about my rub. I referred them to Butcher BBQ as to where I got part of my Rub blend. They placed an order and got some BBQ Phosphate instead and Butcher was nice enough to send the correct item. Sooo long story short the "aquaintance" gave me the 1# bag of phosphate.

From what I understand is that it helps retain moisture in your finished product. Does it interfere with taste profile of your product and does it really help? I would hate to waste the phosphate, but more than that I would not want to unduly change the protein that I am preparing.....
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A too simple answer could be that it helps return meat fiber to its original ,prekill moisture level.

Could be useful in prefrozen meats to maintain freshness,taste,moisture,texture?

Could be a marinade,or injection.
Possibly, to add your own flavor to a product?

As to changes in flavor,or other,many folks would suggest trying it in side by side tests and make your own judgement.
Sorta like cal was hinting,that it may not be required for evey cook in life.He also mentioned,learning to cook the meat correctly.

There are those of us out there trying to achieve a 180.0000 at a comp cook,because some other fella may have cooked a 179.0090.

We scrap for every bit of luck,weird judging,change in humidity,etc.

Now the good cook that has learned his cooker and his product,might toss 150 lbs in the cooker,never mess with any of these little tricks and turn out great food at every cook,or just feeding a dozen neighbors great food in his back yard.

If you figure it out exact,we'd all like to know,also. Smiler
I have used Butchers Rubs, Brisket Injection, and Prime dust. I just have not used Phosphate before. I like the results using the Brisket Injection with Prime Dust, I just wondered if you needed the Phosphate addition when making up the injection. Particularly if you have a decent cut of meat to start with..... (i.e. would it turn out better with rather than without phosphate mixed with your injection?).

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