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...a grease cutter first, then Bartender's Friend, then Stainless Steel Magic, if it's been out in the weather a good bit (or if you've glopped on it as you're juggling your creation,'cuz the pan you brought out doesn't sit right on top of the thing! or you're battling the dogs, like me, to keep them from crawling inside the smoker, or...well, you get the idea)
I took a tip from my Harley... wipe it off with a damp rag to remove the dirt, etc. Then use NeverDull... its a cotton fiber with a petroleum based cleaner/shiner. Rub with this then wipe down and man... does that stainless ever shine. Only word of caution.. do not get this inside your smoker or clean the top smoke hole with this. I get my NeverDull at Walmart for under $4 a can and a can lasts a LONG time. Smiler

All of these can be workable solutions,but not always needed

Yes ,I have a bunch of the others,as well..

A little spray glass/cabinet/counter cleaner like windex could handle quick,after cook touchups.

Could be even simpler spray like diluted lemon juice,white vinegar,etc-if you don't use ammonia.

A little simple clean up and wipe off with a paper towel ,often is all that is needed.

Just a thought,and leaves more time and concentration to think about the actual cooking. Wink

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