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You have a log that gets cut into chunks. Some are going to have bark on them. Some won't. Maybe some people can tell the difference in their smokes with or without bark. I can't.

Cookshack has the best online prices on wood chunks, but the shipping can be a little hefty. Problem with getting them at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. is the chunks can be quite large requiring a little splitting along the way. Most of Cookshack's chunk are right on size wise and are appropriately seasoned. So it comes down to price or a little sweat equity.
Find some good wood in your area and chop up the wood yourself. Go for uniform size. Little work, but it beats the shipping.

Must be a taste difference

No, not really, Pags hit the mark. You will hear some people say "never cook with the bark on" but I think it's person preference.

Don't worry about that.

The real question is what flavor of wood? Now that's one without a correct answer.

Or, how about "how much wood" that's a subject of personal preference, some people think 3 oz is too much in a CS and others love 8 oz.

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