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Well another year has almost come and gone, what a shame...oh well life goes on and on.

Asked the wife what she wanted smoked for Christmas this year and I suggested a large packer brisket...LOL! She told me that it was gonna be a turkey, so I have one brining in the frig(Smokin's Holiday Brine). I'll do the prime rib when Mom comes up in a few weeks.

What is everyone else smoking?

I'd also like to say THANKS to all our fine Men and Women in the armed services and Happy Holidays to them.
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11.6 lb Prime rib...dry brined, dls paste, pecan 2.5 oz, reverse sear, med rare
Salad...walnut, blue cheese, mandarin, balsamic vinergarette
Twice baked potatoes...daughter makes a killer recipe
Green bean casserole
Asiago cheese bread
Dessert...surprise by daugher in law

Breaking open our bottle of 2001 Pahlmeyer Bordeau Blend (saving for a special occasion, newlyweds and their inlaws will be joining us)

Bon appetit!!
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18 lb prime rib cut in half. Cooked ala Pags and PR 101. Green been casserole, Garlic mashed potatoes, rolls, and an apple crisp with french vanilla ice cream thanks to the wife.

I would like to also thank the men and women of the armed forces. I will raise my glass tonight and tomorrow night to salute those who are serving and have served. Thanks to them we can be what we are. May they find peace, love, and happiness tonight and forever.
We did a standing rib roast. Turned out a very nice, juicy medium rare after smoking to 125 and then putting on hot gas grill until temp reached 135. The next day we did French dip sandwiches with a beef dripping, red wine, and garlic au jus. The third day we did a beef vegetable soup with the left over rib bones. Man oh man, good stuff.

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