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Well. I tried suggesting pork sliders for this year's Super Bowl at my buddy's house (34 years in a row). That got shot down as everyone still wants my smoked ribs. :-)

I'll keep it fairly simple. Pull the membrane. Paste with yellow mustard. Sprinkle heavily with Williams Rib Tickler rub. Into preheated 235* smoker. Pecan and Cherry wood this time. Tooth pick test. Pull and put on my glaze. (Well, Rib Dog's glaze...heated mixture of 4 parts Memphis barbecue sauce, 1 part honey, and just a few sprinkles of cayenne. If you can taste the heat, you used too much). Back into the smoker for 20 min to set the glaze. Put into a large crock pot set to low for the Superbowl.
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8.3 pound turkey breast, did a variation on Cookshack's Root Beer Brine - quit drinking Coca Cola back in November, so into a 2 gallon bag went my garlic and onion powder, couple tablespoons Cookshack Spicy Chicken rub, the 2 liter Coke and then the Turkey. Pushed out all the air and sealed the bag and into a rectangular container I use for making baguette dough. Brined 18 hours, rinsed and dried, on goes some butter all over and then some Cookshack Spicy Chicken rub, 2.5 oz applewood. Gonna cook for about 4.5 hours at 250 or until my quick read registers 155. Cover with foil and let rest an hour before I slice for sandwiches. We've been eating too rich, too large for a while so just making some excellent sandwich and turkey salad meat with this.

Digging out the deck and smoker on Friday was a real mother. We had 4 inches of wet snow that froze, then 2 days later 8 inches of very dry powder... No going to the gym for me this week. LOL

At 2.5 hours it was at 144, I kicked the smoker temp up to 275, took a shower and at 3:20 it was 157, panned and foiled it and brought it inside to let that external temp crawl in. Looks nice, you think ??


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