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Yesterday I was at Sam's and looked at their flats. (all they sell here) and their price was $6.08/lb. Amazing!! (or friggin' over the top!)

But I had already planned to go to a small town IGA where I had called ahead and they said they had lots of 'full' briskets... but I didn't ask the price.

I got there today and all they had were flats - - at $8.49 a pound!! That's robbery!! They said I could have one for $7.99 and I almost took one but my better judgement took over and I left it.

So I went to the meat counter and could have had lots of very nice choices from Sirloin Tip to eye-o-round for prices of $3.49 and $3.29 respectively. Ended up with an 11 lb Sirloin tip (choice) and will make do with that.

Bummed on Brisket until they come to their senses.... Frowner
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Originally posted by Wilber:
And its only going to get worse! All they need is an excuse to raise prices and if they don't have one they manufacture one. Gas prices drive up corn prices, too much rain or not enough, too cold or to hot.They will get us one way or another!

Putting 40% of the corn crop into making crazy ethanol to ruin our cars drives up the price of corn the most. It costs 25 bucks a gallon to make the stuff..paid for by our tax dollars of course.
I chat weekly with my meat purveyors. The news is grim. What began with increased beef prices is now prevalent through the whole protein market. Much of it related to grain/corn feed supplies that were hit by draught last year and currently. Add to that inflation, which has been low and stable for some years.

What I'm being told is that just about everything will continue to increase over the summer, and once the high water marks are set, it will be a year or two before they subside.

Think it's crazy at the box stores in terms of BBQ meats? Try running a restaurant Frowner

Bigwheel has it right. The corn/ethanol is a huge culprit.
Check out Wally World, Sam's around here only carries flats as well. Just picked up a 14.24lb Excel Choice packer from there for $2.98/lb. Last year they were in the 2.39/lb range. The trimmed flats they had were $5.99/lb. I didn't see any packers out and got worried that they stopped carrying them. But found a butcher and he brought out a full case from the back.

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