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Hey to all,

Yesterday I picked up the Amerique. I've been eyeballing these for quite a while. For many years I've smoked on a Kamado, sort of an oversized Big Green Egg. Always great results, as long as I got up at 3 a.m. to start the process, tended the fire, maintained the temperature, etc. You get the picture.

Anyway, I can't decide what to smoke first. My favorite is a pork butt. However, I never come close to perfecting some babyback ribs, so I may try the ribs.

Part of this process is to convince my wife this was a good, if not great, purchase. Since my pork butt in the past has been awesome (okay, I'm not so modest), not much room for improvement. However, let's just say I have plenty of room for improvement on ribs.

With that in mind, any killer tips. It would seem ribs wouldn't lend themselves to cooking to an internal temp.......or, do they? Looking to get that wet, fall off the bone, tender to die for ribs. If I can achieve that, life will be near complete.

Thanks for any tips.

Smokem if you got em

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We normally go with the PB. It's more forgiving and there is a little learning curve. A Kamado (know it well) will have a drier environment than the CS.

If you've got that down, you may not want to go with that, I mean, as modest as you are, you can't improve on it right?

For rib tips (sorry for pun) we have an entire forum on ribs, so I'd go there, several recent posts on BB's.

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