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So as to not melt the fat in sausage you shouldnt exceed about 165 degrees. So I set my smokette at 160ish and 9 hours later my sausage was still sitting at 140 degrees.
I finally gave up and brought in and finished it in the oven, but that should have happened.

Am I going to have to raise the temp and risk melting my fat in order to get it cooked? At 160ish, my temp swings were 151-173 and that coulnd't get it done. The cooling down cycle was too much longer than the heating cycle in my opinion.

Please help!
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KC-135 USAF,

I have found that sausage making is much more difficult that one would think. The balance between too much smoke and not enough is tough. I have not perfected any sausage other than summer sausage; however, all my sausage has been venison and chicken.

To answer your question, the temperature often time depends on the type of cheese you are using. Are you using a specialty high temperature cheese or an off the self store bought cheese? Either way, I have yet to set my smoker over 180 degrees when making sausage and none of my cheese has melted out. You will find; however, some cheeses hold up better than others.


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