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It stops about the time you decide to quit smokin' Always something new going on, but not quite as bad as the technology industry.

Look at it this way: At least you're getting some great eats out of the deal, unlike computers & the like. Ever try to gnaw on an old floppy disk? Eeker

Relax, it just gets better! Big Grin
When does it stop?


So, cookbooks, um 80 or so (haven't bought many in a year or two)

Smokers? Another FE on the way, a 2nd painted FEC100 with an opposite opening door

Grills. Working on a new one

it never ends...

My problem is I have so much BBQ stuff I want to STILL do and can't get to it..
It never stops. I've had my Smokette for over 4 years now and still use it a lot. I've got all the accessories - a huge cabinet to store them all in, and lots of cookbooks.

My friends and family still go nuts over the end product. We have great bbq parties and feed the masses! Such fun!

My smoker is as good (probably better) than the day I bought it, with very minimal maintenance. Best thing I've bought in a long time.

Thanks Wheelz - It's great to see the Cookshack Forum is still humming along - some old vets and lots of new faces too!

I've been working too much to add to the website, but perhaps later this year. I've spent the last month attempting to catch some mammoth trout lingering at the bottom of the pond (about 45 feet). If I finally offer the proper enticement and snag one of those babies, it will be time for a web update!

If not, well, hard to beat trolling and beer.
Well, I hope it never stops. I have a kid to get thru college. Big Grin

Welcome to the forum, Ernie.

And welcome back, Dave. Did you know that your website is so popular that I was asked to put a link to it on the first forum page? You are sort of a legend!

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