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well, let's see, can you define best?

Maybe we should start a new link -- Should I or Should I not rub my brisket?

Lots of discussion would be generated.

Now, to your point. Most brisket rubs are general in nature and usually just what you'd put on your steak (and like steak, the flavor is on the outside). Salt/pepper/garlic salt, etc.

So, you might try your favor steak rub as a starting point.

Some time later, I'll look through my rub list, but it's over 500 recipes and if I remember, at least 30 or 40 for brisket.

I'll try to post some links also.

Searching the web is something I've got a lot of experience in and YES it can be difficult to find. I'm sure you found all those recipes for brisket in the oven and brisket in a crock pot!

What do others think?

Yes, I found about 20 or so dry rub recipes on the internet, but before spending alot of money on ingredients, I want to make sure I have a recipe that has been tested and approved by many people. This is why I was asking for the recipes for the contest winners.
I posted the 20+ recipes, but I would like to mix up about 5 lbs of brisket rub, so I want to make sure it is excellent before buying all the ingredients.
Have any of you guys ever tried "Montreal Seasoning" ? It makes a terrific rub. It's made by McCormack and is used quite frequently around here. It has garlic, pepper (Coarse ground)), kosher salt (coarse) and a few other spices. It is truly great on prime rib, brisket, etc. I don't care for it on pork though. Just thought I'd pass this on.

First, if readers can get to America On Line welcome page, there is a lot of stuff about BBQ there today.
Woodking, here's a quote from you:
"I posted the 20+ recipes, but I would like to mix up about 5 lbs of brisket rub, so I want to make sure it is excellent before buying all the ingredients. "
Watch out for the paprika, man. Some of these rubs call for 50% paprika, 50% everything else. 2.5 lbs of paprika is what you're facing!
So, here's what you do. You're trying to sell your truck to finance a new CS unit, right? You go to "Terry." She works for the CS company I think. You say, Terry, I've got a 1984 Ford F-150 I'll trade for a new CS 55. Or, because I've got to do a bunch of briskets pronto, I'll trade the pickup for a CS-50 and 2 1/2 pounds of paprika.
It'll work out. acarriii
Actually, I sold my 1990 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4 for $7,500. So, I bought the model 55 CS Smoker and accessories, a Dell Inspiron 8000 900 MHz Notebook, a HP Pavilion 9800 1.2 GB Athlon DDR Desktop, and also an AIWA Home Stereo Unit, and still had about $1,500 left over to put in the Bank !! I can use some of that money to buy some spices and seasonings. I'll probably spend about $100-150 on seasonings.
I bought some Mean Green and Plastic Bins for soaking my Racks and I found some stuff called "Stainless Steel Magic" for the exterior (kind of like Sheila Shine). I also decided to buy a 2nd digital thermometer and a set of Rib hooks.
I'll get a few more nice bbq & smokin cookbooks and I am set!! YeeeHaaaah !!!
Ok, to answer everyones questions: Donna is putting together the post for the Brisket Rub contest winner and she has it almost completed, pictures, receipe and all the information about the winner. We have been having some server problems due to really bad weather and it seems to be effecting our forum software, but we will have it up this week for all to see!
Hey another thing about rubs. There are some other ways to add flavor. Kind of time consuming, but well worth the effort. Before applying the rub, cut small holes in the brisket, stuff with whole garlic cloves. Here's something that will add flavor, cut up white onions, green onions and garlic (really small/fine), add to melted "real" butter to form a paste-like stuffing and fill in the holes, cut a small piece of fat and close hole to keep stuffing in. Rub and smoke. If you have enough patience to make a hole length-wise and stuff it that way, every piece will have that unique taste. "Real" butter is a great flavor. Wink
I have used the following Rub from the Internet BBQ FAQ many times, and have always been happy with the results. I've attached a link - I recommend the FAQ, too Smiler

Danny Gaulden's General-Purpose Dry Rub

Amount Measure Ingredient
3/4 cup paprika
2 tablespoon chili powder
1/4 cup black pepper
2 tablespoon garlic powder
1/4 cup salt
2 tablespoon onion powder
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

Internet BBQ FAQ

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